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Yes, we improve revenue with 100% of the clients we work with
Yes, we provide a 100% Money Back Guanatee to Increase Sales
Yes, we offer in person training that can be at your office whereever that is and online live video training
Minimum is 1 person - We do individual training not just to entire teams at corporations
All of our training is 100% customized whether it is for 1 individual or a team of 50 this ensures that our clients get the desired sales results they are seeking.
"Results for our clients are immediate. We provide actual tools and strategies in every single session that enables our clients to be better at sales, not just motivation or tips like most sales training. With the vast majority of our clients are signing much more business before the training is even completed meaning that our services are more than paid for before we are even finished the training."
"We work in all industries. Our training is 100% customized to every client whether it is a team of 50 or an individual sales professional."
"We cover absolutely everything that has to do with or affects the sales of our clients and because all of our training is 100% customized, we can cover anything that our client desires about increasing sales and the sales process."
"Yes there is homework and practice that is required in order to polish and become a truly great sales professional. You cannot get the results that we do for our clients without applying yourself. Our training is not for someone looking for a hobby, it is for people that are or want to be true sales professionals at the top of their game and increase their sales and their revenues by huge margins. This is NOT a College or University Sales Training module it is far beyond."
"We provide our clients with several options. Training can be in person at their office where ever that may (travel may be involved for us). Training can be at our office. Training is also done online via Live Streaming video or a combination of all 3. It is the clients choice as to how they wish to proceed."
"We would refer you to our “Case Studies” and “Testimonials” pages of our website where you can read and watch videos of clients speaking of not only the results from our training but also the direct comparisons of other very well known training modules they have done in the past where they got limited to zero results."
"Yes, we run training for entire teams whether that team is a team of 200 or a team of 3 or even an individual on his/her own."
Yes, in fact we highly encourage this. For Q&A we are always there for our clients. We have clients we trained over 10 years ago that will call us to pick our brain on specific situations they run into that are new in their sales process in the new economy. This is done at No Charge unless we need to schedule actual training sessions to help with new sales areas or help build new presentations in the new economy.
No, we help with all sales regardless of the price of what our clients sell.
"If a client has to miss a training session for vacation, sickness, double booked etc…, we simply resume in the next session and they miss nothing. We know life happens and we simply work around it."
Both. Can be either online or in person or a combination of both. It is up to the client how they wish to proceed.
Yes, we can focus on what the client feels they need and that alone.
Yes, however this requires very in depth consultations first and thorough agreements signed by both parties.
We have been notified several times that we have won a sales training awards however, when we inquire deeper, the company providing the award asks for thousands and thousands of dollars to then receive the award. For us this simply delegitimizes any Sales Training awards as companies had to pay a lot of money the get them. This for us means that almost any company can win these awards. Imagine if the nominees for the Academy awards each had to provide big money to be nominated and you couldn’t win the award unless you paid that money regardless of the great work they have produced, is that then a legitimate award? For us it is not, so we don’t subscribe to awards, the award we have is for our clients and the award is a huge increase in their revenues (and not many Sales Training companies can guarantee that, but we can and we do!). If you do not believe us, simply google various awards out there and you will see news stories and other articles about them asking for money, a lot of money, to get the award.
"Our training is based on what top sales professionals do day in and day out. When we say “Top Professionals” we are talking about the top .001% that succeed and make more money than their counterparts regardless of economic conditions. This is not training based upon a book or someone’s theory of sales written in 1922 or 1950. This is not theory, this is real world application and we provide a written 100% Money Back Guarantee and have NEVER had a client failure, Ever. No client has ever asked for a nickel back in well over a decade of Sales Training. We have spent countless time, money, energy and resources researching and documenting the techniques of top performers in numerous industries for over 20+ years. This research revealed distinct and quantifiable patterns not shared by their less-successful colleagues. Interestingly, even top performers are seldom able to articulate how they achieve these results and always indicate that they had never learned them in sales training. Our research reveals these fundamental techniques that anybody can learn, apply and profit from. All of our trainers are top sales people who realized that status by learning and then utilizing these very same techniques in their sales careers."


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