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Sales Training Testimonial

  • Mark from Real Results Sales Training is the REAL DEAL in Sales Training. Before talking to Mark, I did a couple of Online sales courses, which were supposed to help me "Close more deals". Nothing happened because of one reason, it was just generic information not applicable to my industry (one of those courses was Jordan Belfort's online course). I am sure there are many professionals like me who get trapped in the thinking that an online course will magically transform them into better salespeople overnight.

    Those who are researching for the best sales training, simply give Mark at Real Results Sales Training a call and he will go through a sales plan that will suit definitely you and your industry, which is a huge relief for sales professionals (New & Experienced). Before the training was even over I had already signed a number of new clients utilizing the strategies Mark taught me. Not only that, even after training is over, he is just a call or text away to answer your queries and help you stay on track!
  • Cibi Thomas
Sales Training Testimonial

  • Where do I even begin...

    Mark from Real Results Sales Training, without a shadow of a doubt, completely, entirely, and absolutely... revolutionized our ENTIRE company. I would almost go as far to say that without Mark, there wouldn't even be a company. His training has been pivotal to our success.

    In just the first two weeks, we closed the biggest deal in company history, and since then, we've been closing deals like crazy. He's also helped us increase our prices with our current clients, and capture new business with them, driving revenue up to 3x what it was before working with him.

    I personally went through hundreds - maybe even thousands - of different training courses, books, videos, etc., and NOTHING at all, compares to Mark's training. In fact, the training I've seen elsewhere, hasn't just been bad in comparison to Mark's, but it is actually been detrimental to our sales process. This became clear to us, not at the end of Mark's training program, but in the first 2 sessions. Throughout the entire process, he's been quick to hop on a call and respond to any and all of my questions (all the daily 100 of them).

    To me, Mark is the perfect mentor. He not only has the theory and concepts, but he has worked with the best, learned from the best, and has put in the time and experience to BE the best himself. He's walked the walk, and it shows.

    If you have a business, or are in sales, and haven't worked with Mark yet, you are out of your mind, and are leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line. Working with him has been a breeze, it's been a game changer, and most of all it's been a pleasure to learn from him, and actualize my highest potential as both a salesman and a business owner. I'm forever grateful for all that he's done and continues to do, and I look forward to working with him for the many, many years ahead.

    Oh and by the way... I'm only halfway through the course.
  • Brandon Cesarone
Sales Training Testimonial

  • I have been in sales selling contracting services to homeowners for approximately 1 year.

    I am originally from Ukraine and have been in Canada for 6 years and felt that my English wasn't perfect and felt that this was hurting my sales and closing rate.

    I hired Real Results Sales Training after reading a bunch of their reviews online and felt that the fact that they had a Money Back Guarantee they really stood behind what they do. I opted to do the training in 2 hour intervals weekly as this worked best for my schedule.

    All I can say is WOW. Mark at Real Results did not just train me to be a much better sales person, he created my presentation and everything needed from beginning to end of the sales process to be a much more effective sales person.

    I wasn't even half way done the training and it was already more than paid for in the increased commissions I made from closing more sales. My closing percentage increased to 50% before I was even done the training. I would like to add that in these sales that we were never the least expensive option. I learned how to hold the price, negotiate the terms, sign the deal and all in the first meeting, often when the client had already seen 7 contractors already and they signed with me and my company (and we were never the lowest price).

    This Sales Training is the Real Deal and I would highly encourage anyone that is in sales to hire Real Results Sales Training if you want to increase your individual sales, your company sales and make A Lot More Money, proven in my personal experience.

  • Andrei Lema
Sales Training Testimonial

  • One of my best investments!

    I've heard about Real Results Sales Training from my friend who's taken a sales training course with Mark, and in my friend's words, that was the best training in his experience and the ONLY one that has helped him increase sales by a significant number.

    I am a Customer Relationship manager of an international wedding dress manufacturer. Four months ago, I faced a challenge with my sales efficiency in the company . I needed help to close deals and convince wedding boutique owners to buy our product without sending samples of the dresses.

    Mark is an expert at what he does and a very customer-oriented professional who takes deep care of his clients.

    On our first zoom call, he asked me questions about the brand and my method of dealing with salon owners, and soon after found my weak spots as a salesperson.

    During the course, he created a presentation I now use to close the sale; he provided me with unique information I never saw in any sales training, and he was always happy to help when I had questions aside from our sessions.

    I saw significant improvements right away. After a week of using Mark's method, I got a client in Mexico who chose our business among the top wedding dress manufacturers because none of the salespeople she spoke with had an approach as I had.

    I absolutely recommend Real Results Sales Training. It is an excellent investment that pays back much more.

  • Alina Cherbu
Sales Training Testimonial

  • Real Results Sales Training delivers exactly that... real results! My team improved their close rate significantly in the quarter following Mark's sessions with us & continue to meet & surpass the targets. If you have a Sales Department this is the BEST training course you can invest in. Don't waste time & resources on the pretenders... get "real results"!
  • Connie McNaughton
Sales Training Testimonial

  • Real Results Sales Training helped me reach my annual target 6 months into the year. The one on one attention and customized protocol allowed me to accomplish this. With over 10 years in my field I have been to many sales training courses and seminars and none of those came close to what Real Results provided. I wish I had learned of Real Results at the beginning of my career instead of wasting time and money on other sales training. I recommend Real Results to all of my colleagues and friends. It is worth mentioning that not only did Real Results increase my sales it also helped out my social life with the way I communicate to family and friends, which absolutely blew me away ! By far the best investment I have made. Thank you Real Results!
  • Alfredo Di Somma
Sales Training Testimonial

  • Marks coaching has helped my sales numbers tremendously, he has a way of simplifying the sales process and really helping you understand what's going through a buyers mind. He really cares for his clients and it becomes obvious as even after finishing the program we still continue to chat and he's continuously there for any questions/sales scenarios that I have. Hire Mark, the R.O.I is obvious.
  • Dhanushan Manivannan
Sales Training Testimonial

  • I am so grateful to have found Mark. I went from a mediocre sales person to the #1. Mark's training and techniques are so easy to implement and so practical it was easy for me to make the small changes to better my life. Now I am not only succeeding in my career but I have the time to spend with my family as well. Thanks mark for giving me back my family time and helping me have the means to make those changes possible.
  • Andrea Van Der Gracht
Sales Training Testimonial

  • Going into the program I wasn't expecting to learn anything new. I thought I had heard it all before. Was I ever wrong. From day one I was absolutely blown away! I became aware of opportunities that I was leaving on the table and gained a whole new perspective on the sales process. It helped me grow leaps and bounds both professionally and personally."
  • Daniel Perras
Sales Training Testimonial

  • Real Results Sales Training was one of the greatest investments I have ever made for my future. The principles that Mark taught me not only launched me into a new career in Recruiting, but landed me the largest account in my firm worth over 7 million. I developed a confidence which helped me secure clients in large government agencies, pharmaceuticals, information technology and more. Mark has become not only a powerful mentor, but also a life long friend. I couldn't recommend Real Results Sales Training more!
  • Juan Cohen
Sales Training Testimonial

  • It was a real pleasure working with Mark and Real Results Sales Training. From Mark's mentoring I now have confidence when going into a sales meeting. I have closed every pitch since being trained by Real Results, and would certainly recommend the training to anyone who is looking to increase their sales and revenue. I can not speak highly enough about it.
  • Jill Aitken
Sales Training Testimonial

  • As a professional salesman of many years I have seen every variety of sales presentations along with all of their associated terminology, binders, and general nonsense. I was completely disenfranchised by "sales training" and yet I continually had it shoved down my throat in an effort to increase sales. After wholeheartedly trying a great many different types of this training I had yet to see the meteoric rise in sales I had always been promised. I spent one half hour session with Mark from Real Results Sales Training and closed every sale over the next three weeks by using just one of his techniques. I have been going back to him for more ever since. It's been the best time and money I have ever spent! Plus he guarantees the results! If you or your sales force is not on target for where you want them to be have Mark from Real Results Sales Training come in and undoubtedly he will help you get where you need to go. Keep up the great work Mark!
  • Simon Walker
Sales Training Testimonial

  • With the help of Real Results Sales Training I was able to secure one of our company's largest PO contracts in the last 5 years! Mark's training was very thorough and it gave me the tools to execute and close sales meetings with confidence. Highly recommend!
  • Justin Pereira
Sales Training Testimonial

  • Mark Hynes of Real Results sales training delivered everything he promised. I saw an instant increase in my closing ratios. Mark took the time to come with me on sales calls so he could understand exactly what he needed to train me on before creating a custom program that fit like a glove. Definitely money well spent.
  • Dean Schofield
Sales Training Testimonial

  • Since taking this training our company has had BACK TO BACK RECORD SALES YEARS. This training was high level and very specific as well. It has helped our entire team be even better prepared when calling prospects, cold calling, developing repeat business and doing presentations. This is a very wise time and money investment for any company looking to develop a successful sales force, and we highly recommend it!
  • Ryan Rattos
Sales Training Testimonial

  • We saw a significant increase in our sales as a direct result of working with RRST. Their unique approach to training really works!
  • Leslie Lawrence
Sales Training Testimonial

  • Definitely better than other training I've had. To the point, no fluff training. Everything you want covered.
  • James Fitzsimons
Sales Training Testimonial

  • Amazing Results. Actually Doubled my numbers in 3 months. Training is so much better than other courses i have taken.
  • Mark Herod
Sales Training Testimonial

  • This is by far the best Sales training I have ever been a part of. Extremely effective training. I increased my sales immediately by using the techniques that the trainer suggested. The real world scenarios we went over, were very relevant and easy to implement. I would highly recommend this training for anyone in the sales field.
  • Tim Pam Roth
Sales Training Testimonial

  • I have been in the investment business for approximately 15 years and have seen a ton of sales training from some of the biggest companies out there. This is without a doubt the best sales training I have ever seen. Results are immediate and I am now signing the amount of new business EVERY MONTH that used to take quarterly or even 6 months to acquire. They give a full money back guarantee but nobody will ever need to redeem it because what they train works.
  • Investment Advisor, Manulife Securities

  • I rarely write reviews or endorsements. This sales training was amazing. The past sales training I have done with other companies was a complete and utter failure and when applied actually caused sales to decrease. I found it very frustrating to be taught sales by someone previously who had 1, 2, or maybe 3 years of experience selling and simply trained theory not reality. With Real Results Sales Training the trainer was a top sales professional with countless years of experience. His knowledge of the entire sales process, the psychology of the sale and the psychology of the buyer/client was revolutionary. To sum this up, it is worth way more than the cost and it comes with a money back guarantee, no other company can match this training.
  • Scott

  • Most people find it unusual to hear that I, a developer for financial and marketing companies, have an extensive sales background. I was always "a natural", but I took time to read books on sales technique, and attend courses. I quickly became a skeptic of Sales Training, as most of it was "theory" that did not work, no matter how conscientiously I applied it. Being introduced to Real Results Sales Training by a friend was a welcome shock to the system! The trainers are from-the-trenches sales professionals who showed me how to connect with my clients on a psychological level like nothing I have seen or even heard of. This training WORKS and is by far the best material I have seen. I recommend Real Results to anybody who wants to see their volume LEAP.
  • Duncan McRae
Sales Training Testimonial

  • We had the pleasure of working with Mark Hynes from Real Results and have seen his techniques applied in our sales environment with great results. Mark brings a unique and proven approach that is easy to understand and even easier to apply. Our experience has been awesome. We had Mark attend our employee conferences that were conducted across Canada. In each of the conferences Mark trained his techniques. At the end of each of the conferences (we held 6 conferences in total) we asked the employees to complete a survey based on each of the presenters we had brought in. In a series of questions to our over 200 travel counsellors (travel agents) with the highest rating being 5 out of 5 Mark received an overall approval rating 98.8% 5 out of 5 on all questions, which by the way was the highest of any presenter we have ever received in company history. I would highly recommend Mark and Real Results to any organization. He is passionate, caring and very easy to comprehend. His presentations pull his audience in and naturally have them participate with little to no effort.
  • Joe Bello
Sales Training Testimonial

  • Working with Real Results Sales Training gave me insight into today's sales world. The approach they take is unlike any you've ever seen and it provides results immediately! I would highly recommend them to anyone, whether new to the business or with years of experience. They have a true understanding of what message they want to get across and a very engaging method of doing so.
  • Dan Greer
Sales Training Testimonial

  • Anyone in sales has been through the standard sales training that in today's world no longer works. We love that Real Results Sales Training throws the outdated "tricks" of sales out the window and builds on a foundation of Intelligent connection and interaction with potential clients that lead to real increases in our overall bottom line. Not only did closing percentage go up in our sales 42% after training with Real Results Sales Training it has stayed steady in addition to an increase in time management efficiency and sales accountability. Highly recommended for anyone serious about making sales in their business.
  • Melodie Wheeler
Sales Training Testimonial

  • The folks at Real Results Sales training provided me with a fresh and unique approach to sales. At first, I thought it was going to be "a new way to use the same old tricks", but quickly learned how extremely effective the training was. By using the techniques provided, I increased my sales and client connections immediately. This real-world training was very relevant and easy to implement. I would highly recommend this training for anyone who wants to better connect to their audience.
  • Nick Bartella
Sales Training Testimonial

  • If you haven't already decided to work with Mark at Real Results Sales Training , the time is Now! Before he came on to help us generate more meetings and clients, for over 6 months we generated 0 leads. As soon as he came on to help within 3 months we were able to generate more potential leads then we ever had in company history and are still continuing to do so till this day. If you are on the fence if Mark from Real Results Sales Training is worth it, the answer is an absolute YES and we DEFINITELY plan to use him in the near future if we need anymore help. He is more than paid for!
  • Phillip Wisdom
Sales Training Testimonial

  • Exceptional training. Since this training our company has consistently had the most growth it's ever had in company history. Direct and hands on type approach that can help any company looking to increase their sales. Way better than any other sales training I've been on. Highly recommended.
  • Craig Rattos
Sales Training Testimonial

  • Incredible program that helped propel our sales. Highly recommend.
  • Steve Venditti
Sales Training Testimonial

  • I've been working with Real Results Sales Training for about 8 months and I've found the approach like no other "sales training" program. They have the ability to apply sales situations/scenarios to your unique needs and business environment.
  • Dan Bilancia

  • As Corporate Relations Manager at the Mississauga Board of Trade, we were sent on many different training courses. The BEST for Sales was the one offered by Real Results Sales Training. Real Results offered practical "how to" for cold calling in person, on the phone or by mail/email. We were shown how the use of certain words can help close a deal. The practical nature and the hands on help when cold calling was invaluable. At the end of the course we were all given our "Storyboard":- a binder with information to take with us when meeting clients.
  • Carolyn Baboolal
Sales Training Testimonial

  • Real Results Sales Training looks outside the box. Don't compare this training to others because there is no comparison. Real Results Sales Training takes it to another level with their unique style and approach. The training has far exceeded all my expectations and my company's expectations. I would recommend this training because it works. I not only was able to retain all (100%) my clients during a time when we had substantial price increases but was also able to prospect and increase my client base and company sales. They guarantee increases in sales and all that I can say is, it works.
  • Sales Rep, Montcorr

  • The training was fun and I am a lot more confident now in my work and know that I can help customers more. I have already benefited from the training that was taught and find that customers are very willing to give more information and I have been able to get customers to make a purchase by adding value and quality instead of discounting. I really liked the fact that the material was kept relevant to Daily Seafood, while learning things that would be applicable to any situation!
  • Sales Rep, Daily Seafood

  • I have been on countless sales training course in the past when I was a manager with Rogers Communications. This Training is the first time I have experienced a true and very high ROI in terms of increased sales and is by far the best sales training I have ever experienced. I would endorse this to any company, telecom or otherwise.
  • Manager, Telecommunications Company

  • Real Results Sales Training techniques are amazing. After my first training session I was seeing business and sales in a different way, the right way.
  • Toronto Small Business Owner

  • Thought provoking. More concise and better than other courses the firm has offered in the past. All in all, very valuable sales techniques to increase business and income.
  • Manager, TD Waterhouse
Sales Training Testimonial

  • We have been in business for many years and have had extensive sales training in the past. The results of this training speaks for itself. We increased our closing percentage by 100% (doubled) and our average sale increased by more than 25% in just six (6) weeks. The techniques are truly amazing and we highly recommend Real Results to any company.
  • Toronto Apparel Company

  • We track statistics on everything and since the training all of our stats have increased. Our average sale price has increased by over 25%, and our closing percentage has increased by over 30%. Staff commissions have risen dramatically as a result.
  • Timeshare Company
Sales Training Testimonial

  • I took significant amounts of training with the training "Guru's" in my industry when I started working as a Real Estate agent. Then I was introduced to Real Results Sales Training and can honestly say that nothing I have seen compares to the material that they train. In the eight (8) months prior to my training with Real Results I earned $20,000. In the eight (8) months after my training with Real Results I earned over $115,000. The material is so far superior to other training that there really is no comparison. I am a much better salesperson after the training and my recent pay cheques are a testament to that!
  • Real Estate Agent

  • Real Results Sales Training had a transformational impact on not only our business and sales results, but on the way I personally approach every single day. Their approach to selling is unique and their guarantee that it will work is real because it does work. I challenge anyone to do their research into sales coaches and you'll notice they all teach the same old thing. The Real Results personal approach and outstanding techniques, tips and tricks boosted our top line sales results over night. They did this simply by willing to share the selling techniques employed by the best sellers in the world and guiding you through implementing those same techniques into your business and sales people.
  • Sports Apparel Company

  • No other training we have seen compares to the Real Results material on how to handle the whole process of selling from start to finish - The advice is raw and realistic the bad and the pretty of selling - It opened our eyes to the reality - when to be nice and when to be on point otherwise you may lose the sale. To identify when you are being pushy in a bad way and when you need to be pushy in a good way - the way that will get you to walk out of that meeting with a sale.
  • Toronto, Entreprenuer Group Association
Sales Training Testimonial

  • We have a mix of seasoned and still developing salespeople on our team. After exploring the market for sales training, we decided it was best for our business (and the individuals on our sales team) to proceed with Mark Hynes. From December 2022 through January 2023 our team enjoyed the benefits of weekly sales training sessions from Mark Hynes at Real Results Sales Training. Mark took time to understand our challenges and discuss these directly with our team. It quickly became clear that we made the right choice, as we were able to easily identify opportunities for sales growth after just the first session. Mark was able to clearly convey his material in a relatable and energized fashion from start to finish. His passion and confidence for his profession exemplified exactly what we were looking to achieve with our team. He practices what he preaches, and it shows in results.
  • Dean Wood
Sales Training Testimonial

  • I have recently completed The Real Results Sales Training/Coaching course and am very very happy with how I am continually improving as a sales professional. There is a new confidence I have which is proving to be invaluable, right from beginning of the sales process through to the closing. I am truly a better equipped salesman because of this experience and highly recommend this training to absolutely anyone looking to improve sales and make more money. I will add that this course is far superior to other Sales Training, there is no comparison.
  • Jim McLaren
Sales Training Testimonial

  • As Director of Sales and Marketing it was my mission to reinvent the sales and marketing functions at IT Force (formerly I/OVision). That included enhancing the performance of its highly experienced sales team. What was required was advanced sales training for IT Managed Services, the Cloud and Cyber Security. Mark Hynes' of Real Results Sales Training proposal was most compelling and the training delivered as the proposal promised. The team acquired new skills that assisted throughout the sales process from prospecting to negotiating and ultimately closing. Thank you Mark and Real Results Sales Training!
  • David Stitt
Sales Training Testimonial

  • Mark's training has helped me gain the confidence and skills to begin my sales career. He provided me with a simple and repeatable strategy that has produced results quickly. I would recommend Real Results Sales Training to anyone looking to create a winning sales team. He will be invited back for every sales rep I hire.
  • Ian Church

  • Easily the best and most thorough sales training course I have ever taken. Mark makes it his mission to ensure you learn, absorb and utilize all the key attributes to make it successful in sales. Mark also ensures each student receives a tailored booklet which makes it easy to follow and refer back to topics long after the course has ended. This is not a course based on general sales tactics and motivational fluff found on the internet - you WILL see results.
  • Joseph Montano
Sales Training Testimonial

  • Mark did a great job in two sales training courses we did with our sales team. Would recommend him for anyone looking for results.
  • Fred Cox
Sales Training Testimonial

  • I still use his teachings today, years after taking his course. Our company brought him on for group sessions and it was invaluable. Thanks for the knowledge.
  • Paria M

  • The training was very professional and what I really liked was that it wasn't the traditional sales training approach, it was far better. I absolutely loved the real sales scenarios that were used to teach us to overcome objections and road block in the sales process. The trainer had a great technique and tool for every scenario we could think of and it was quite easy to apply outside of the classroom (which is not normally the case with sales training). Every single person in the training spoke on the breaks of how this was by far the best training they had ever been on.
  • Karina Fuentes

  • The training helped out so much, and I feel more confident talking to customers and securing those sales. Thank you for all the useful information!
  • Brittani Schroeder

  • Real Results Sales Training is the real deal. If you are looking to dramatically increase sales, Mark will give you all the tools you need to do just that. One of a kind sales training from the best!!
  • The Dub Chronicles

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