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How do top salespeople get the results they do?

In good times and even in difficult times, every company has a few star sales people that outperform regardless of economic conditions.

We have conducted extensive research documenting the techniques of top performers in numerous industries for over 20+ years. This research revealed distinct and quantifiable patterns not shared by their less-successful colleagues. Interestingly, even top performers were seldom able to articulate how they achieve these results and had never learned them in sales training. Our research reveals these fundamental techniques that anybody can learn, apply and profit from.

All of our trainers are top sales people who realized that status by learning and then utilizing these very same techniques in their sales careers.

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When inquiring with countless recipients of numerous sales training courses we found a commonality. Most sales people refer to other sales trainers as motivational generalists. Expressing that the training left them motivated and pumped up, but seldom provided any actual techniques or strategies that could be used to sell or close deals immediately.

Real Results Sales Training differs from other training companies in that we provide our clients with the actual tools that they need to increase sales, resulting in increased income for themselves and their company.

Motivation is a natural occurrence when you have the tools and the confidence you need to get the job done.



Voted Hands down the Best Sales Training in the industry by our clients

Many training companies ask for testimonials from clients as they are leaving the classroom and before they have had a chance to use their training in real-world situations.

Often, it is the managers' feedback which is solicited even though they are not the ones who attend or will be using the training.

At Real Results Sales Training, we want you to know that our techniques always work. We only ask for testimonials at least six months after training, when clients have used our techniques in the real world, with real customers. Only then are our clients qualified to share how effective and compelling our tactics are.


Voted Hands down the Best Sales Training in the industry by our clients

We only ask for testimonials when clients have had ample time to use the techniques that were trained, in the real world with real clients.

Some of our Clients

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