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All of our Sales Training is 100% customized
for the client's needs.

Corporations & Enterprise

Courses are designed for delivery in a team context, to maximize your training dollar in a group setting. One stream supports and reinforces current sales performers, enabling a pattern of exceptional results.

Our second stream is designed to quickly indoctrinate new hires, introducing them to a culture of accountable and effective sales professionalism. We also focus on powerful management techniques, including strategies for accountable, repeatable sales success and halting turnover of star performers.



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Sales Coaching

Coaching is provided in an individual or small-group setting. The topics covered in-session are reinforced through real sales activity in the field with real prospects. Ongoing follow-up is also available.


We provide a deep-dive audit of current marketing strategies and sales techniques. Sales audits identify areas of significant opportunity, resulting in policy and strategy interventions to improve the effectiveness and profitability of teams.

Sales Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

We have specially designed packages to fit the Entrepreneur, Small Business and Individual Sales Professionals budget. We want you to be as profitable as possible, as fast as possible. Start out with winning habits and avoid costly mistakes, with Real Results for you and your business. It is the best business investment you will make.

Our clients consistently exceed their sales targets and achieve more success than they ever expected. We also offer advanced training sessions which are designed for the seasoned sales professional who has been selling for years and has already taken sales training. These tactics have rocketed our clients to the top of their teams and in several cases the top of their industry.

Voted Hands down the Best Sales Training in the industry by our clients

We only ask for testimonials when clients have had ample time to use the techniques that were trained, in the real world with real clients.

Real Results Sales Training is The Most Comprehensive, 100% Customized Sales Training program that delivers among the highest ROI of any Sales Training available on the market today!

We provide a 100% Money Back Written Guarantee to Increase Sales for our clients. Content is specifically designed for the clients' sales cycle leaving no stone unturned to increase sales. Training can performed Virtually Online or In Person and at the pace of you and/or your team meaning, training can be in a bite sized learnable format that works for every sales professionals schedule. (Training can be in longer formats, i.e.: half day, 1 day, 2 day, 3 day, etc., at the request of the client.)

Clients can access the sales trainer at Absolutely No additional costs for ongoing support, to answer questions and to provide solutions and win more business. (Not just a video that they hope will answer their questions, a Live Trainer.)

The Sales Foundation for Life

  • How to always have the right mindset/attitude
  • What the Top 1% of Sales People do
  • The most powerful way to sell anything
  • And much more...

The Psychology of the Buyer

  • Qualify real potential buyers early and stop wasting time on tire kickers
  • How state of mind and emotion influences the sale
  • How to create a "Buying" state of mind in a client
  • And much more...

The A to Z of Sales

  • Everything you wished someone taught you about Sales Years ago
  • The perfect sales system/strategy (customized to you)
  • Absolute Best Practices
  • And much more...

Prospecting New Business

  • Dos and Don'ts for prospecting success
  • How to never let prospecting get you down
  • Identify Suspects vs. Prospects early so you do not waste valuable time
  • And much more...

Lead Response

  • How to handle any and all incoming leads effectively
  • Internet leads / phone leads
  • Pitfalls that most sales people make with incoming leads
  • And much more...

Cold Calling

  • The Ultimate Cold Calling Script
  • Never get stopped by a Gatekeeper/Receptionist again
  • Overcome Every Objection they can possibly say
  • And much more...

The Composition of The Meeting(s)

  • Dos and Don'ts for Meetings
  • Phone Meeting / Video Meeting / Face-to-Face Meeting
  • What Questions to Ask and Why (truly effective questions)
  • And much more...

Truly Consultative Selling

  • Building Trust and Rapport Amazingly Fast
  • Captivating the Client
  • Presentations Second to None
  • And much more...

Follow Up

  • Endless Reasons to Follow up
  • Stop Getting Ghosted
  • Getting Clients to Call you Back
  • And much more...


  • Dealing with Every and All Objections
  • Effectively Identify True Objections
  • Getting Through Smoke Screens (Fake Objections)
  • And much more...


  • Closing in the Shortest Period of Time (Often in 1st Meeting)
  • Dramatically Shorten the Sales Cycle Every Time
  • Stop their Stall Tactics
  • And much more...

Generating Great Referrals

  • How to Find More Platinum Clients that are Identical to Your Best Clients
  • Best Time to Ask for Referrals
  • How to Ask for Referrals and Get Them
  • And much more...

Working From Home

  • Overcoming the Challenges of Working from Home
  • Staying Motivated
  • Balancing Work and Life
  • And much more...

Managing Remotely

  • Keeping Teams Motivated and Productive
  • Setting Clear Expectations
  • Providing the Right Tools to Teams Remotely
  • And much more...

Selling on Social Media

  • Finding and Qualifying Great Potential Clients
  • The Best Prospecting Methods via Social Media Platforms
  • Captivate Clients with Social Media
  • And much more...

All our Training is 100% Customized to you the Client

Any Additional Topics can be Trained such as:

  • Time Management
  • How to Differentiate Yourself from the Competition
  • How to Properly Maintain Customer Relationships After the Sale
  • How to Set Proper Client Expectations
  • Effective Account Management
  • Setting Goals
  • Staying Motivated
  • and Much More...

Any topic you can think of that is involved in sales we not only train it, we provide a written 100% Money Back Guarantee that it will increase sales for you and your company.

"We guarantee that our training on any sales-related topic will increase your company's sales, or your money back."

Common Sales Performance Frustrations Reported by Managers & Company Owners

  • Sales people spend too much time on admin and not enough time selling (Time Management and Procrastination)
  • They discount too fast and leave money on the table
  • They always talk about how much $$ is in the pipeline but a small fraction of that is what we see in actual deals
  • They have meetings that are Far Too Long and leave without a sale (Wasting time on prospects that aren't really interested OR they don't know how to get them interested)
  • Sales Follow up is ineffective or Non-Existent, i.e.: "Just calling to Touch Base"
  • Sales Staff are over using Email and don't pick up the phone any more
  • Onboarding New sales staff takes forever to get them up and running
  • When they lose a deal they really have no idea why (so they can't fix what went wrong)
  • They do not effectively handle objections
  • They do not ask good questions they only ask things like "Are you the decisions maker", "What's your budget" and "When do you plan to make a decision by"
  • They don't know how to build trust and rapport
  • They Over Pitch and Often Talk the Client out of the sale
  • They wait for the client to want to move forward and don't even try to close
  • They have every excuse in the book for why sales aren't happenings
  • There is absolutely No Urgency
  • They don't qualify leads and then waste tons of time on unqualified leads
  • There is No Upselling Whatsoever
  • They Lack Motivation
  • They are constantly spending all their time dealing with the person that winds up Not being the decision maker

If any of this sounds familiar, give us a call. We solve these and countless other sales issues.

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Some of our Clients

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